When To Take New Kitten To Vet?

by Jessica


I am a student and I plan on getting my own kitten when school is over. But, i would like to know if it’s okay for me to take her in the vet’s office after she has been spayed? Or should I wait until she is at least 4 months old or something before taking her in?

Answer by Kate

A female cat will be sterile (be unable to become pregnant) from about 5 weeks of age onwards so you can safely take your new kitten into the vets at any time. You can check with your local vets about their policies regarding neutering which we hope they’ll advise you on too! As long as there are no health issues and he / she doesn’t look uncomfortable then please go ahead and get them fixed! They’re not difficult cats to handle but let our vet do it for you – giving them the best experience possible!! Good luck with your decision xxx