When To Take Your Kitten To The Vet?

Cats are generally very healthy, but they do have some medical issues that you should discuss with your veterinarian if your cat is behaving unusually or developing chronic problems. However, before you take your kitten to the vet for any reason, here are a few tips to help keep both of you happy and healthy:

* Sick kittens may try to suck on people’s fingers in an attempt at comfort. This can be uncomfortable for humans but it also tears up their gums and may make them sicker. Sucking habits usually subside within a week or two after the initial bout of sickness has passed. If this doesn’t stop, consult with your veterinarian immediately!

* Tell friends and family members not to pet the kitten until he’s had time to get used to his new surroundings by himself first (usually about three weeks). Letting other cats – even friendly ones – give him lots of pets will only confuse him more than he already is!

* Kittens need special care during pregnancy so don’t worry about giving her extra attention now; she’ll probably want something else once she starts nesting around mommy’s belly anyway 😉

Yours, Catster Team