When Will My Kitten Be Fully Grown?

Kittens are born with a kitten-sized brain, but their growth rate accelerates to reach adult weight in just four or five weeks. Kitten-lovers can expect their kittens to grow quickly into small furry balls of energy that have an impressive appetite for fun and play. This is not the time for them to be spayed or neutered.

How should I handle my newborn kitten?

1 Pick up your newborn kitten gently by stroking its back with one hand while holding it upright under the chin with your other hand. Hold it within about 2 inches of your face so you can look deep into its eyes as you stroke his fur across its body—try not to scratch him too much! Some people find this soothing; many find it tiring because they are standing up all day handling hundreds of cats at once, but if you want to do this more than occasionally, consider finding someone who will hold kittens until they’re old enough (and trained enough!) for adoption out of kitty foster care right from birth through weaning age (usually 8–12 weeks).

2 After getting used to handling young kittens properly (see above), try picking them up like a baby bird: place two fingers on either side of the base of the head and cradle the fluffy little body gently against your chest; most kitties will relax and let themselves be handled without fear unless they were hurt in some way when being born, which is common in feral colonies where mothers