When Will My Kitten Settle Down?

A: Most kittens will settle down between 8 and 12 weeks of age. Once your kitten is ready to sleep by himself or herself, you can place the litter box in a quiet area where he or she will feel more comfortable. At this time, you should also begin introducing your kitten to his new home environment. By doing so, both of you will become familiar with each other’s routine before your kitten is placed into his permanent cage at around six months of age.

Q: How much exercise should I give my kitten?

A: Kittens require physical activity throughout their lives; however, too much exercise can result in obesity which can cause health problems for them later on in life (most especially heart disease). It is best for adult cats not to play rough games like chasing after birds or squirrels because they may harm themselves through injury – especially if they are overweight! If an animal has been spayed/neutered it does not need as much exercise since there are no hormones produced that would make them want to run around like crazy. Exercise needs vary from cat to cat but here are some ideas relating to how often and what type of activities you can do with them depending upon their size and energy level(these suggestions are general guidelines):