When You Feel Like A Lion But Purr Like A Kitten?

Head to the bar.

You’ll rise above the noise and get a chance to be heard, which is what you need most of all in your new career. But don’t take my word for it. Ask someone who knows something about business communication or who studied journalism before switching professions: “How do I make people listen?” Then ask yourself if that question makes sense when you are just starting out on your new role as an assistant manager at Alfalfa Market Grill.

Your boss isn’t trying to ignore you or think he has better things to do than talk with his staff—he wants you there! Being close enough so that he can see your face means being within earshot of his voice, so use this closeness wisely by asking him questions whenever possible so that he doesn’t have any reason not to respond kindly and openly.

TIP 562 / Know Your Place in the Organization

Every organization has its own hierarchy; different organizations may vary in their ways of doing things but they still follow certain guidelines for how jobs should be filled and titles assigned (officially) according to job level/responsibility/importance (unofficially). If you want people like Mr./Ms./Dr., Mx., etc., then stay away from these kinds of places because no one cares about them; it sounds ridiculous anyway since everyone always answers “Hi! How are ya?! Great! What did