Where Can I Adopt A Munchkin Kitten?

A munchkin kitten is a cat of short legs and long body. This type of kitten has been created by crossing a domestic shorthair with the Munchkin cat, which was created in Japan. The picture above shows a female munchkin kitten at 8 weeks old.

What are some health problems that can be seen in a munchkin?

There may be several different types or breeds of cats that have muscular dystrophy (MD), but those from Munchkins are one of the most common ones known as “type II”. In this case there may not be any symptoms present for years after birth, so it is important to seek medical help immediately if you notice something unusual about your new pet’s behavior or appearance, such as tail weakness or changes in posture. Some signs include: * Difficulty walking/crawling/running due to muscle wasting * Uneasiness, fussiness when being held onto their back legs because they cannot support themselves well on their front legs yet * Difficulties eating due to weak jaw muscles •Inability to groom themselves properly without causing them pain Lack of coordination including balance issues It can also lead to blindness and respiratory failure – especially if left untreated early Symptoms usually appear between 2-6 months Old Young adults Older Adults Young adults