Where Can I Buy A White Persian Kitten?

A: Check out our website at www.whitepersiankittens.com and click the “Kitten” tab to learn about White Persian Kittens for sale in Florida, California, Texas and other states!

Q: How much does a white persian kitten cost?

A: The average price of a white persian kitten is $1200 – $1600 depending on where you live. We provide all-inclusive pricing with shipping included since we know how important it is that you buy your new pet from a reputable breeder who has been raising purebred kittens like these forever! All of our kittens come with free health checks by our vet as well as free starter kits including food, litter, collar and toys! No matter what kind of life circumstances have brought you to us or if this is just your first time looking into getting a white persian kitten there are no additional payments required once the purchase has been made so please don’t hesitate to call us at any hour because we will always be here to talk about the best way we can help you take care of your future furry friend. Let’s discuss now 786-689-XXXX or fill out this contact form if interested in purchasing one today!