Where Can You Adopt A Kitten?

Great! You’ve found your new best friend. Did you know that it is illegal to buy a kitten from a pet store? A rescue group will always take the kittens in, but they are needed right now so if you can’t find one locally there are other options. The Humane Society has an adoption center where you can adopt your kitty or you can also visit their website at www.humanesocietyofhumboldtcounty.org/adoption-center/. To help with finding them, I have included some links below for shelters and rescues that do not have an adoption center but may be able to help out even if they don’t have kittens available now:

The Humane Society of Humboldt County – This shelter takes in cats and dogs but does not maintain any kitties at the moment (they do accept donations though). They may be able to refer you elsewhere if they don’t currently have any kitties available for adoption although this particular page doesn’t indicate as much. http://www2.hshcvetrescue.org/ Pawsitively Purrfect Cat Rescue – This is Cody Morris who runs Pawsitively Purrfect Cat Rescue out of Santa Rosa which he started back in 2012 after his beloved cat passed away leaving him bereft of another feline companion due to budget constraints over whether or not he should continue veterinarians bills or other living