Where Did My Cat Put Her Kitten?

In the toilet!

2. The old lady walks around a block and a half away from you, but she can still see your house from where she is. Where does she live?

Two blocks up and two blocks over!

3. A man walked outside his house to find that all of his windows were broken out, except for one window in the back room. In what part of his house was this window? Why wasn’t it broken out as well?

The bathroom—it’s another dimension now!

4. How many eggs did Farmer Brown have on hand when he went into town last week? And how many do he have on hand today? What happened to them while he was gone? (Hint: This number is far too many.)

5. The only people who like my new car are me and my sister (who doesn’t even know I own it). But everyone else thinks my new car looks exactly like hers except for these three noticeable differences: 1) It has four wheels; 2) There are no doors; 3) It doesn’t make any noise at all, especially not any engine-related noises or squeaks or rattles or bumps or grinding sounds or clunking noises . . . nothing at all! Where am I going with this one again???

6-7A = B/C D = E _______________ ____________________E_____