Where Is My Kitten Hiding Odtd?

You can’t just drop in to the conversation, mention that you’re looking for your kitten and see where it goes.

If you want to know what’s happening with your cat throughout the day, try watching her/him via webcam. This generally works well as long as there is a stable connection between you and wherever she/he happens to be at the moment. In real life this means keeping an eye on her/him from time-to-time while she’s safely ensconced somewhere else (i.e., not right next door). It also involves having a place of some sort set up where she will feel comfortable enough to rest or play if need be. A good spot might be a cozy corner by a window or on top of something high – anything that offers some cover from drafts and noise but doesn’t interfere too much with sunlight falling directly onto her face during daylight hours….and keeps out cats without windows!

I have been gone for days! How does my cat think I am? Does he miss me?

In general it takes about one week after leaving home before your pet will start acting differently towards YOU than he did when YOU were around him(her). This doesn’t necessarily mean HE misses YOU though, so don’t go all crazy thinking he feels sad because YOU aren’t here anymore…it could simply mean THAT YOUR SEXY LOOKING KITTEN IS NOW AN ADORABLE BABY CAT WHO LOVES TO