Where Should Kitten Sleep First Night?

We recommend putting your kitten in a cardboard box (the best is the one with some air holes), placing it on the floor, and covering it with blankets.

Your kitten seems to be too calm, what can I do?

It’s better not to panic at first, because if you are nervous they will sense this and run away. But if he shows no interest in playing or eating then grab him firmly by his fur and squeeze until he cries. Kittens cry very loudly so sometimes their crying alone helps them get used to being around people again after being abandoned. After that try giving him food since kittens are naturally attracted by food smells especially of their mother’s milk which contains all these hormones that make them feel good once sucked on! It may take time but keep trying – they need baby-food for about 2 weeks before they only eat meat mixed with egg yolk! 🙂