Where To Adopt A Kitten For Free?

How much does a kitten cost?

Kittens are usually free to adopt from the local animal shelter, but sometimes their adoption fees vary. In most cases, it will only be a nominal fee of around $10-$20. Kitten adoption fees can range from as low as $0 for certain kittens to between $300 and up depending on the age of the cat and other factors such as health or behavior problems that need treatment. If you’re looking to adopt an older cat who has special needs then expect higher costs because they may need more care than average cats do (for example: multiple surgeries). One thing is for sure though; no matter what your budget is there are always ways you can find help with these expenses! You could apply for financial aid through government programs like TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Student Loan Payment Assistance Programs or even Medicaid if applicable in your state.