Where To Buy A Scottish Fold Kitten?

We have other cats, and she just loves to play with them. She also seems fairly well behaved in the house. I thought about getting a second cat for her but didn’t know if that would be ok or not. Also, we sold our car so we don’t need another one we can take care of either. And it’s too soon to get another dog . So what should I do? It seems like this is a good idea but I’m not sure… How old should you be before getting a kitten? Do they really grow up fast or are they slow bloomers? Is there something wrong with me for wanting more than 1 cat at once (I already have 2)?”Hello! Are you looking for Scottish Folds breed information such as: Where to buy a scottish fold kitten?, Or you might want to learn more about these cats by reading the following lines: Scottish Fold.”Scottish Folds kittens; where can i get one; how much does it cost; find pet store nearest me and other articles related “Where do I get my own Scottish Fold kitty?”