Where To Get A Kitten Declawed On Medicaid?

by KimH

(Phoenix, AZ)

I have been trying to find out if there is a vet clinic where I can get my kitten declawed on medicaid. In Arizona we are allowed 2 cats per home and no other animal. If I could just find a clinic that would take him for the procedure it would be great because he has destroyed one house and another cat will not let me put any other pet in the room with her. Please help!He does not tear up furniture or anything but he chewed through a screen door into their patio area this summer, destroying everything they had under it including some lizards they were keeping as pets. They also have two small dogs who run around outside all day long which scares him so bad that at times he will lay down by them to keep from being scared but sometimes gets up again after only laying it for a second or two to see what’s going on outside then lays back down by them when something moves past the edge of the fence even though nothing has ever come close enough to hurt him before. He doesn’t really do much damage except destroy things out of fear unless you want/need something done then he’ll start tearing it apart as soon as someone comes near! He’s already been spayed and shots etc… And we’ve gone through tons of different food types trying too give his diet variety so hopefully getting declawed won’t change anything major since we know how much better his health is now than