Which Is The Best Pet Food For My Kitten?

A: The best pet food for your kitten depends on the type of kitten and its age. If your kitten eats a lot, you should buy high-quality cat food that is specially formulated for kittens and young cats. Also, if you have an older cat that has lost weight or isn’t eating well, try switching to a less expensive brand until he starts eating again.

Q: My cat is always scratching at her ears; what can I do?

A: Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in the ears of house pets such as cats and dogs. They cause itching and irritation because they burrow under the skin causing redness and scaly patches on the top of your pet’s ear flaps (ears). Mites secrete an oily substance which causes hypersensitivity to light and sound as well as excessive grooming behavior. There are several ways to treat ear mite infestations: use prescription ear drops from your vet; apply unscented baby oil directly into each ear three times daily using clean cotton balls; bathe with mild soap & water but don’t attempt this method more than once per week since it can dry out hair follicles too quickly making them susceptible to infection by fungus or bacteria; or use one of many over-the counter medicated shampoos available at most feed stores without having to be re-treated weekly through veterinary exams every three months. It helps if owners thoroughly clean their pets’ ears