Why Can’T You Use Flea Meds On 5Wk Old Kitten?

Flea meds are not meant for use on young animals. The reason is that fleas can still be transmitted even after the eggs have hatched and the adult has died, so using them early could put your kitten at risk. We recommend waiting one month past their first set of blood tests before giving any kind of medication to your kitten (this will ensure that they’re not already infected or sick).

How much do I need?

The amount you give depends entirely upon what size dog you have; if it’s a small toy breed like Chihuahua, then 1 tablet per lb every 3 weeks would probably be enough. If it’s a large breed like Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever, then 2 tablets per lb every 6 weeks should work well. Remember though – this is only an estimate because there are many factors including weight and age which may affect dosage requirements in different dogs/breeds! You just don’t want to under-dosing or overdosing by accident! This chart shows how much each pill weighs: