Why Did My Kitten Pee On My Bed?

I have a new kitten and I found that she has been peeing on my bed. What do you think is going on? Is it wrong to let her sleep with me but all the time she sleeps in my room? My boyfriend thinks so, but I would like some advice from an adult about what to do. Thank you! – A Lost Kitten

Dear Lost: There’s probably more than one reason why your kitten might be making false deposits all over your bedroom. She could be stressed due to being alone for a period of time or the stress of moving into a new home. For some cats, leaving their litter box can cause them to start marking their territory by spraying urine outside of it as well as inside the box itself (this behavior is called “box checking”) which sometimes happens if they become very frustrated when trying to use it…or if they don’t even realize where their litter box is located at first because there are multiple boxes placed around the house or apartment. Some cats just want attention and will attempt any way possible, including urinating on things they deem important such as family members’ beds! Your boyfriend may also need help with his cat since he seems completely oblivious towards this behavior problem and doesn’t seem willing/able enough to correct this issue either…and he may not even know how bad off your cat’s situation actually is yet! If it continues past several days and nights then speak up firmly with him and ask