Why Do Female Kittens Like To Suck On Other Kitten?

– Why do kitten like to suck other kittens?

why does my cat like to suck the nipples on my breast all day long? – My cats love to be petted and it seems they really enjoy sucking on breasts. Why is this so I am confused. They are not human females because I would never let them near me. What gives with these cats ? Can you help ?

why does my female kitty want to play with her butt hole? – Why do feline, usually female, cats rub their butts against things or carry objects in their anus? This behavior can’t hurt anything because nothing touches the anal area except for the tail, which doesn’t touch anything either! But why?? Also what causes this behavior??? Is there any harm done by having your cat run its nose up and down your arm while purring away????!!! Someday I’m going ot have a house full of kittens! So if anyone has some answers as far as cause/effect from these behaviors please email me at jay@jayakislensmanphotography.com . Thank You ! Jaya Kishlensman Photography- www.jayakislensmanphotography.com .