Why Does Kitten Sleep In Arms All Day?

Kittens sleep a lot. If they are not being held, they often fall asleep on something soft and will sleep for long periods of time. It is important to have a schedule – but it can be hard to maintain – so trying out different options may help you figure out what works best for your new family member! Try putting them down in their pen or carrier when you leave the house so that they get used to sleeping there. Also, try introducing some new things into their environment gradually – such as a box with toys inside or an empty cage nearby so that the kitten gets used to being around other cats and kittens before she goes home with you (and also gives her time and space away from her littermates!) Finally, see my post: “Tips for Introducing Kittens” where I give tips on how to introduce kittens into your household safely!

Is it okay if we cat sit? What should we do about kitty’s litter box? How do we keep Kitty from peeing all over our bed? And which brand of cat liter boxes is best? Do I need one at all??!! 🙂

I am sorry – my answer isn’t very helpful here… There are many types of litter boxes available and each works differently than others… The most common type of litter box is called non-clumping clay litter because it doesn’t stain anything… However – this can still be messy especially during cleaning :), therefore you