Why Does My Boy Cat Bring Me One Kitten?

– Question: Why does my cat bring me one kitten?

Answer: Cats aren’t quite like us, and they don’t always follow the same rules we do. One of those rules is that you shouldn’t get too attached to a kitty you find in the street or your pet store. However, sometimes cats will adopt kittens and share them with their owners. It happens all the time and it’s pretty normal for cats; however, if your cat keeps bringing you one kitten after another then he might be trying to say something different! Your cat has probably noticed that there isn’t enough room left at home for two kitties so he wants to give his other family member a new home! If this sounds familiar then please consider adopting from an animal shelter instead because these pets miss out on being loved by their parents too much often times taking up residence in places where people have been avoiding them before they were dropped off at a shelter.