Why Does My Cat Only Move One Kitten?

My cat is about to give birth, but she has only moved one kitten. We had two kittens (one male and one female) at the same time, which usually happens when my cat has her litter. She always moves them both out of the nest box in order for them to get more air before they are born…but this time it’s just the one that is moving around! We’ve tried holding him/her down with our hands if we can’t find an object that will do it’s job, but he/she won’t stay still enough for us to catch him or her directly….and if I did manage to get a hold of his tail I was afraid that once I let go he would grow too big from being so much bigger than all of us and escape from me. Any ideas? Thank you!


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(Google Groups member “Ask A Veterinarian” posted this question on February 25th, 2010.)