Why Does My Kitten Attack Me?

Kittens are very inquisitive. They will play with anything that moves, even if it is dangerous. Sometimes the kitten is playing and they accidently bite you by mistake. Other times your pet may be trying to show you that they want attention or love or maybe they are just bored! Kittens need a lot of attention when they are young so keep them busy as much as possible, especially after their first set of shots have been given. Most kittens will grow out of the biting stage but some cats do continue this behavior later in life, which can make for an unhappy cat owner who wants to know how to stop his kitten from biting him..

Why does my cat scratch me?

Most cats usually start scratching at about 6 months old because their nails have grown long enough for them to retract though their claws without getting cut off. If your cat scratches more than usual then there might be another reason why he/she starts doing it-maybe boredom or stress related issues among other things! Scratching itself isn’t bad per se…it allows the feline’s claws to get sharp so combing is easier….but whenever you say no, most cats learn pretty quickly not to scratch where ever they please! Try giving your kitty lots of toys and plenty of mental stimulation through playtime (especially on rainy days!) Your kitty may also like having her belly rubbed while she sleeps which helps relax her too 🙂

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