Why Does My Kitten Bite Me All The Time?

Why does my kitten bite me all the time? I’m not sure, but it is common for kittens to be attracted to your scent. They are also very curious and want to investigate everything they can find in their environment. It might just be that you smell different than what they are used to or maybe your furniture smells odiferous (which it probably does because cats love catnip). However, there could also be something else going on here. Since biting is considered affectionate behavior by many cat owners this may mean that it is just an instinctual way of expressing trust between you and them. Kittens often need reassurance from their humans so if you think about this as a positive thing then hopefully the biting should stop soon after. If however your kitten continues with its biting please see our article on how best to stop kitten biting for more information!

How do I make my pet stop scratching at doors? My little one scratches at doors constantly no matter which side she sleeps on… Is there any way i can teach her not too scratch at them? And why she keeps doing that?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

The scratching itself isn’t really something we have much advice here other than finding out what has caused these behaviors in the first place – whether its boredom or anxiety/stress or even pain meds prescribed by a vet over-the-counter medications like Benadryl etc.. There are some excellent books