Why Does My Kitten Bite Me?

Kitten biting hand
kitten biting hand

If you are wondering “why does my kitten bite me?” it’s quite common and natural for cats to bite you in spite of their adorable and friendly nature.

They are natural predators and sometimes can give you a taste of their bite. An adorable kitten is hard to resist but getting bitten by it feels so unpleasant and painful so it’s always better to not let your kitten bite you. Apart from biting the cat shows other aggressive actions, like pouncing and clawing.

Know The Reason: Exactly Why Your Kitten Is Biting You?

There may be a lot of reasons behind why your cat is biting you. To stop them from biting you, you must understand why they are biting. Kittens are natural predators, although this might be a reason for their unpleasant bites, this is not the only one.

Maybe they are playing with you. Maybe they are just mouthing and exploring the world, maybe they are just bonding or maybe they are aggressive this time. Let’s discuss every possible reason “why does my kitten bite me” in detail in this article.

They Are Exploring And Learning

kitten biting hand
kitten biting hand

Human kids have hands to juggle around and play with toys. Kittens don’t have hands for this, they have a mouth. They are young and excited. They are learning by biting different things and noticing their reactions.

While an adverse reaction makes a kitten aware not to bite it again reaction in favour makes it taste again. They are learning what to play with and what not to. What to eat and what not to. Everything teaches them a lesson.

When it comes to biting you, unfortunately, they have teeth and it hurts. But don’t take it personally they are just exploring things. They are in their learning phase and making mistakes. They are just exploring.

Love Bites: They Are Bonding Or Showing Love

kitten bonding
kittens playing with siblings

We humans bond by talking, hugging, kissing, holding hands and hanging out. Kitten bond by biting. If they are biting you it’s just they are trying to bond with you. It’s their version of bonding with people they love. It’s also their love language. Kittens show love by biting. The kitten may purr when show bonding and love by biting. Mostly these are gentle bites unless they are carried away with excitement. Kittens give love bites to people with whom they are completely at ease.

They Need Your Attention

kitten feeling sad and kitten seeking attention
kitten seeking love

When babies seek the attention they cry and throw and kick stuff. When teenagers seek the attention they do drugs and become rebellious. When your husband seeks attention he might snap at you. The same goes for the wife. What do kittens do when they seek attention? One of the ways kittens expresses their need for attention is that they nibble.

If your kitten bites you out of nowhere and unprovoked, maybe they are seeking your attention. It’s very normal and natural behaviour. Just as other living beings need attention, kittens too. If you are not spending enough time with your kitten it’s a sign you should. They might need attention for other reasons. Maybe they want to be loved more, feeling low and depressed or it’s just they are bored and want to be noticed. Get them some kitten toys to play with like a catnip mouse or a yarn ball.

It might sound cute and funny but your homie may also bite you if they notice you are watching cat videos on your phone or laptop. After all, they think you belong to them and they belong to you and only they deserve all your attention.

Play Biting

kitten biting toe
kitten biting leg

Play biting is a crucial skill in the development of a kitten. Kittens are learning how to communicate with their playmates, siblings, and their owner by the age of three to four weeks. They are also learning crucial hunting skills. Momma cat and her siblings are teaching them how to bite. If your kitten does not have a mother and is a singleton (without siblings), they may develop these skills later and might come up with more painful bites. To avoid such a scenario, it is recommended that you always adopt a pair of kittens.

Because cats are inherent hunters due to one‘s carnivorous diet, tendencies such as biting, scratching, and pouncing feel natural to them. Although it is important to encourage their play biting behaviours but don’t forget to discourage them when biting comes to you.

Play biting is especially strong in kittens but adult cats are not an exception. When adult cats bite, it may come as more intense pain.

Sudden Bites While Petting

Imagine you’re lying in bed with your incredibly cute and super adorable buddy. You’re pampering her and gently rubbing their backs with your fingers half-immersed in her fur. And then, out of nowhere comes a sudden vicious bite. These unexpected bites, while you are petting and pampering them are extremely painful and upsetting.

You might wonder what’s wrong with your Bela( your baby kitten ) but the first point to focus on is that you should not take it personally. It is not meant to be violent in the true sense It’s their way of communication. They are just trying to communicate their message to you and they found a way to do so by biting you. Try to understand that message.

In cats specifically younger ones, It is seen that continuous petting of sensitive areas in cats, such as the base of the tail, can result in overstimulation which leads to excitement in them. This can result in weird and unexpected behaviours such as biting while you are petting them. You can consider this as a signal to stop petting her anymore.

Aggressive Bites

These are the most dangerous bites. In this case, Your kitten becomes aggressive and intends to hurt you. This usually happens when they are really angry or they are left with no choice in case you are stopping them from doing something needy. If you get such a bite go to a doctor as these bites are generally hard and may cause infections due to the presence of bacteria in your cat’s mouth.

Don’t punish your cat, cat’s are very friendly and generally don’t go for aggressive bites. There might be some reason. If you think you hurt them don’t do that again. Don’t repeat what you have done which led them to bite you angrily.

They Are Sick Or They Are In Danger

A kitten might bite you when she is feeling sad, sick, hurt (physically as well as emotionally) or depressed. They may also bite you when they sense some kind of danger around them. Just figure out what they are struggling with and try to help them.


Kitting biting is a very important skill in kitten development. It’s their way of showing their every emotion. It’s their way to communicate their feeling to you. Whether they are feeling bored, depressed or sad, they might simply come to you and bite you. This is one of the ways a kitten can communicate her feeling to you.

They can bite you when they are hungry when they are sad or simply when they think they deserve your attention. They think you are now their mama and that you have full responsibility to entertain them.

Kittens are naturally adventurous and playful, but they’re still growing hunters. Alongside learning how to communicate with their siblings, fellow cat and you, they might be simply be practising their hunting skills on you.

It’s very rate but sometimes they can give you intended bites when they are angry and left with no choices. try to avoid the actions which led them to get mad at you.