Why Does My Kitten Burrow In My Hair?

Questioning the validity of your cat’s behavior can be difficult. Use these tips to help you determine if this is a common, normal behavior or an unwanted trait that needs addressing.

Do not pick up your cat by the scruff of its neck when it burrows in your hair. It may bite at anything in reach and has been known to snap at small fingers when picked up this way.[1] If your pet does have sharp teeth, do not try to remove them with tweezers or forceps because he will probably dig deeper into you rather than let go.[2] When picking him up hold the kitten away from his body so that he cannot arch back toward you or strike out with his claws.[3] As for cats who are comfortable being held upside down, place him in a sitter position where he can see what is happening while you groom him in front of his face. This way both of you feel safe and secure during grooming sessions.[4] Allergies may also play a role since some pets get over-excited after eating certain foods due to their chemical makeup,[5][6][7][8]. Other causes could include stress, illness (flu), parasites (fleas) or hormonal changes (pregnancy). Repeated infections like ringworm can cause excessive scratching along with other potentially painful symptoms like hot spots on the skin caused by fungus which leads to secondary infection resulting in constant chewing on feet causing pain and bleeding; still another reason could