Why Does My Kitten Eat Everything?

A kitten can eat anything, but they need to drink water too. Don’t give them too much food at once; wait for a while and check their belly after ten minutes. If you notice that your baby is bloated, puffy or has an enlarged liver (liver disease), you should stop feeding it immediately or seek vet’s help.

How do I get my cat to use the litter box?

Adopt your kitty when she is young (around 6-7 weeks old). It will take time for her to learn how to use the litter box properly. Help her by showing her where it is located in your house so there are no accidents. You might also want to consider installing a special toilet tray inside one of the rooms if she uses other areas frequently, like the kitchen floor or bathroom countertop etcetera… This will reduce some of the stress of having another person around all day long! Use warm water mixed with baking soda every couple days on top of using regular Litter Genie Cat Litter Box Refills . Your pet may not be able to smell urine until she reaches adulthood – up until then try placing used towels on top of any area that needs cleaning – preferably in an area where they can’t reach easily since kittens are very curious creatures!