Why Does My Kitten Eat So Fast?

Kittens eat fast for a number of reasons. They may be hungry, they may have recently eaten or they may just want to get rid of the food in their stomach before it turns into gas and causes discomfort. Kittens who are forced to go through a lot in one day can also experience an increase in appetite. If your kitten is always eating every few hours then she probably needs more than three meals per day and you should consider increasing her feeding times during this period.

Why does my kitten eat so much?

It’s helpful to know if your cat has been eating too much when you first start noticing behavior changes such as vomiting, diarrhea or excessive weight loss, but after about four weeks these symptoms usually resolve on their own without any intervention from you except keeping up with regular vet appointments. In other words: The condition that causes excess hunger doesn’t last long enough for kittens under two months old while older cats tend to take longer periods of time before the problem resolves itself naturally without intervention from us owners (i.e.: no need for medications). Still not convinced? I suggest visiting a veterinarian anyway!