Why Does My Kitten Fart So Much?

The answer is that cats are flatulent—they pass gas. This, of course, is the official reason why your cat passes gas. There are other reasons; but these aren’t so important at this stage in your relationship with your cat.

Cats do not have to eat every day because they don’t get hungry. Instead, their bodies use stored fat reserves for energy and if there isn’t enough food to go around it will release gas through the digestive tract instead of eating or drinking anything at all! Cats also fart when nervous or stressed out (which you might suspect given how many farts that little fluff ball lets loose). It could be because he doesn’t want you to know he’s irritated about something–maybe something bad has happened recently? Or perhaps his stomach simply couldn’t handle being fed just yet? Whatever the case may be, having a litter box nearby is always a good idea as well as giving them plenty of exercise throughout each day. Is my kitten going to die from one too many farts? No matter what kind of litter you decide on for your kitty litter boxes – clay litters tend to break down quickly and clump together which can obstruct intestinal tracts causing more frequent bowel movements resulting in odorier stools