Why Does My Kitten Go Crazy At Night?

They are all alone in the house, watching TV. Why isn’t my cat acting like a normal cat???

A: Well, let’s start with something that is very common for cats of this age. The crazy behavior tends to last about two weeks then it subsides back into being normal again. I would also expect your kitten to be getting some attention from you during those first few weeks too! It won’t be one sided though as he will want to play with you or have his head scratched while playing with his toys or walking around on the floor so he may not even notice if you are ignoring him at first. With time though, he will get used to being left alone and hopefully come out of this stage all together!

Q: My kittens seem fine except they poop outside their litter box now and they pee everywhere (all over me) why? What should I do? How long do i need to wait before picking them up?

A: Oh no! This is really big trouble for your little ones; especially since they usually only do it when someone has been there instead of doing it themselves anymore. So what we can try here is cleaning off everything that could possibly contain urine right away and put them in another room where the smell doesn’t linger as much or cover their tracks completely if possible (if not that’s ok; just make sure nothing else gets tracked into there). Do not pick them up until after an hour has passed