Why Does My Kitten Headbutt Me?

Mumma Kitti is a kitten who loves to play with her toys. Her favourite toy of all time is this soft fluffy bunny she found on the floor one day, and boy does that kitten love it! She really enjoys playing with it, rolling around in piles of hay or chewing on its ears. Every once in a while though, she will come by your bedside and start headbutting you… what’s up with that?

First off let me say don’t be alarmed by this behaviour at all – kitties are little crazy creatures after all! If they feel neglected or bored then they tend to resort to those pesky ‘headbutt/pawing/scratching’ behaviours as a means of getting your attention. They want their family members (us) to show interest in them so they can get back into our good books. Affection baby!! It’s just how we roll cats folks – we like affection too much for our own good….

So I was thinking about this and decided what better way than using science to determine why my Kitty likes headbutting us so much?! Okay okay scratch that last part – no need for the scientific method here, I mean if it were scientifically tested could anyone actually figure out why cats do these things?! So instead I pulled up some pictures from facebook groups where people ask such questions as well as pictures from my personal collection (the internet has many great finds!).