Why Does My Kitten Keep Biting Me?

– I have a cat that bites me. She is a very sweet kitten, but lately she has been doing it more and more frequently. Is there any way to stop this?

RESPONSE: The first thing you should do if your kitten is biting you is to make sure there are no underlying medical problems with her mouth or teeth – i.e., dental disease, etc. Then the reason for her behavior may be put down to something else entirely – perhaps boredom or frustration because of moving into a new environment recently, changes in routine at home (elevator/crate training), lack of attention from you as an owner during these times, going through some developmental stages which could cause excess energy and activity levels – all things that can lead your furry little friend to bite harder than normal when they need attention or just plain excitement! If the “biting” behavior continues after addressing those potential causes then seek professional help so she doesn’t hurt herself further!! Best wishes! Dr Calloway