Why Does My Kitten Keep Biting?

by katie


our kitten is biting us for no reason at all. it’s like she doesn’t know what else to do with her mouth! we’ve tried everything, even bringing in a professional behaviorist but nothing seems to work…what can we do?Hi katieI’m not sure about anything that you’ve tried but I hope that if your vet has recommended anything then they will give you some more information on the best way forward.The most important thing with kittens is to socialise them from an early age and make sure that they are getting lots of exercise; there are plenty of videos online showing how to play with kittens while incorporating pre-agreed behaviours which should help enormously towards helping your kitten become calm and relaxed around people by the time it becomes fully grown up.Another idea would be a visit to a local cat behaviour centre where you could get expert advice on how best to help your kitten become happy around other human beings once again.Best wishes Lee x