Why Does My Kitten Knead On Me?

Kneading is a behavior that all cats exhibit when they are under stress or trying to communicate with you. Kneading can be soothing for both of you and it may help the kitten deal with its frustration.

Why doesn’t my cat stop kneading me?

This is not normal behavior, so it must be something wrong with your cat. The best thing to do would be to talk to your veterinarian about why this might be happening, but if there isn’t an issue at home then simply ignore the frequent kneading attempts by your cat until she stops on her own accord. Eventually she will learn that it’s not acceptable for her to constantly try and comfort herself in this way, which should only take a day or two before any further kneading becomes less common or non-existent altogether. Just like humans though some cats enjoy having their ears scratched during grooming sessions; others don’t!