Why Does My Kitten Nibble On My Fingers?

Kittens will nibble on their owners’ hands because they are curious. They may also be trying to initiate a social interaction with you. In some instances, kittens can bite too hard and cause injury if the owner is not careful. Always make sure that your kitten’s nails have been trimmed before bringing them inside from outdoors or from an unfamiliar environment where they might have been handled improperly by another person or animal.

Why does my kitten keep rolling?

Rolling often occurs when kittens attempt to nurse while lying down; however, it may also indicate other possible underlying health conditions such as arthritis in older cats, neurological disorders (e.g., seizures), infection (upper respiratory tract), intestinal obstruction, neurological problems (e.g., cerebellar ataxia) or poor muscle tone in younger ones due to weakness of the deep abdominal muscles associated with hypothyroidism.[6] The main causes for this behavior are precipitated either by pain/discomfort related to any of these other conditions mentioned above, failure of the mother cat to provide adequate milk production during nursing sessions or simple boredom due to lack of playtime opportunities within the home setting.[7] If this problem persists despite treatment for the underlying condition(s), consult your veterinarian regarding appropriate medication options used for alleviating discomfort associated with pain management and periodically examining whether additional environmental modifications might be required in order for weight gain goals set out at 6 weeks post-weaning age to be attained more rapidly.[8][