Why Does My Kitten Pee On My Bed?

Why does my kitten pee on my bed? My cat is 2 years old. He has never peed on the bed (he only uses litter box). But today, he suddenly started to pee in my pillow…

Why is it that when I pet them they purr but when I try to hold them or pick them up they don’t like it at all? When you’re stroking a cat, they will purr and seem happy. However, if you pick up your kitty, she may run away from you. She doesn’t want someone touching her!

My 6 month old kitten seems very lethargic; what’s wrong with him? We adopted our 6 month old kitten about four months ago. About two weeks ago he seemed so lethargic we took him in for an evaluation by the vet where she diagnosed his problem as having parasites causing anemia in an otherwise healthy little cat..any suggestions would be appreciated..thank You!! Hello there! Please see the article below: – http://www.catster.com/litter-box-diarrhea_a2047/?page=1 Thanks for reading Catster & good luck!! A Siamese named Jayden was suffering from worms before being neutered last week by me and after that his behavior changed drastically – any ideas why this might’ve happened?? Not sure of anything thats wrong with him right now but its dealing with some anxiety issues which can cause very erratic behaviour more than once a