Why Does My Kitten Scratch Everything But The Scratching Post?

When cats scratch furniture, the scratching is a way of marking it as theirs. Cats use claws to leave their scent on objects they have used before and this habit is one of them. The scratching post will probably be your kitten’s favorite place in the house from now on because he or she will prefer something that smells familiar to them in addition to being comfortable. A good scratching post should not only look like a natural tree branch or stump, but also feel like one when you touch it with your fingers.

Is my cat going deaf?

Your cat may seem deaf if he has suddenly stopped talking for several days and more than 90 percent of his hearing seems gone at any given time? If there are no external injuries such as ear mites infestation, then an inner ear infection could be the cause. This can lead to loss of balance, slow reaction times and possible paralysis which you don’t want to happen! To get rid of this symptom and protect your pet from injury consult our veterinarian right away!