Why Does My Kitten Scream When She Sees The Toilet?

Most kittens are completely litter trained by the time they’re 6-8 weeks old, and 90% of all kittens learn this through positive reinforcement. Kittens should never be left to go to the bathroom in an adult’s presence; for safety reasons, it is best to place their litter box in a secluded room (or run out of sight when you can’t watch them). If your kitten does not know about the toilet by the time he reaches 8 weeks old, you should begin toilet training him at that age. You will need patience while he learns; every day or two let him explore his surroundings without telling him “no” (if saying “no” would discourage exploration), but after 2-3 times letting him explore on his own don’t give up if he goes where he shouldn’t go. A few minutes later praise and treat will encourage exploration again. An alternative method involves playing with your cat near a toilet bowl until she realizes that it is just playtime and then putting her inside one of those plastic toilets from pet stores which have been cut down so that she cannot turn around once seated. This approach may work better than simply saying no each time she pokes her nose over the rim…(wish I’d thought of doing this before my kitties discovered they could hang themselves!). If neither seem likely to work, take extra precaution: keep going outside every 15-20 seconds or so when at home alone with her, leave food in strategic areas within reach when