Why Does My Kitten Shiver After Eating?

my kitten has been eating great for about 3-4 days now. then she started shivering and not moving her tail or anything, but still breathing fine. i feel like there is no air in her lungs so im assuming it’s because of the food…but why would my cat shiver after eating?


My baby went through the same thing — not sure what it was! It lasted all night long until she purred more than usual at 5 am this morning. I’m thinking maybe just too much protein (and/or fat?) on an empty stomach for a young cat? We’re back to normal now though 🙂 Maybe you should try feeding him small meals more often instead of one large meal every 4-5 days? You can throw leftovers into his dish if he won’t eat them before they go bad! My friend keeps saying that with cats – “You know how they say cats will starve themselves to death?” BLECH!!! That’s true only IF THE CATS ARE STARVING AND THERE IS NO FOOD LEFT!! See here: http://www.thefelinefederation….gration_treats There are lots of good resources out there as well as medical resources from veterinarians who specialize in feline medicine – your vet may be able to provide those as well, even if you aren’t able to afford a specialist yet 😉 Hope this helps! Good luck with your little guy 🙂