Why Does My Kitten Sneeze So Much?

dog or cat?

Cat sneezes like a dog. in fact, considering that there are really only about 10 million cats and dogs on the planet, chances are pretty good that if you own one of either species, your pet will have some sort of cold-related issue at least once during its lifetime. How many times it happens is largely dependent on the individual animal — but even so, there are major differences between dog and feline nasal infections .

But how does this happen? Why doesn’t every cat just get sick at home instead of invading other people’s homes? The short answer: Cats don’t go to the vet as much as dogs do. And when they’re ill or injured enough to be brought into an office for treatment , they often have unique issues not shared by their canine counterparts. So while most cases of feline colds start with sneezing (usually accompanied by runny noses), runny eyes , irritated skin , lethargy , loss of appetite … these can all be part of a larger set of symptoms called upper respiratory disease .

Upper respiratory diseases occur when infection gets beyond your nose and enters your airways — where it can cause inflammation in the throat area which affects breathing itself (and sometimes swallowing) along with mucus production around both nostrils which produces sneezing/coughing/mucous discharge from those same openings. Usually that kind of infection isn’t severe enough to affect life expectancy; although very serious