Why Does My Kitten Sound Like A Motor?

You might have a problem called laryngotracheitis. It’s caused by bacteria which is common in kittens and you can get it from sucking on your kitten’s teat, licking their nose and having them lick you.

9: How to tell if one of my cats is pregnant? You can usually tell just by looking at the belly but there are ways that we can also check for pregnancy using tests which will be discussed below. If she doesn’t get pregnant after 3 months I would try artificial insemination (they get sent frozen samples of sperm). The average litter size ranges from 2-6 kittens depending on the breed and food they eat (if they eat dry food) so you should aim for between 4 to 6 kittens whichever way around it comes out like this! Pregnancy lasts 9-12 weeks and then her cycle starts up again (she’ll always go into heat). This will happen until she has had 5 litters total, after that you would need to look into artificial breeding or hand rearing rather than letting them give birth naturally unless they’re very good mothers! 🙂

10: How long does an alley cat stay pregnant? She won’t know till about 10 days before her due date too as far as i know! They only ovulate every other month though so even if she gets pregnant now she wouldn’t conceive till late February or early March depending how far along she is already when she gets pregnant… But yes, most cats don’t even