Why Is My 8 Month Old Kitten Chewing On Everything?

my kitten does this all the time. i give him food then he chews on my stuff(pillows, blankets, clothes) then he scratches himself and spits out hair. what could be wrong?


Answer by Katelin (Veterinarian) How old is your kitten? Some cats are very strong chewers at 8 months of age; it can also be tiring for them to eat dry cat food rather than wet canned foods if they do not know how to lap up their food like you describe. Have you ever seen a video of kittens eating dry cat food? They will work hard to get into that tiny opening in the top of the can and try to flip over onto their backs so they can suck down every last drop – I’ve watched videos where some kittens were trying with all their might to push out an entire jar full of raw kitty treats! If your kitten is doing this behavior after eating his/her regular amount or type of diet, perhaps there’s something else going on besides hunger which should help solve this issue…. additional comments from Katelin: It really sounds like your little guy has learned how much harder it would be for him to get his mouth around a bowl vs getting his mouth around things inside drawers, pillows etc…that’s why these behaviors usually start between one & two years – I’m guessing he’s about eight months old now since you say “around” that age..I’d definitely recommend