Why Is My 8 Week Old Kitten Throwing Up?

My 8 week old kitten runs a slight fever and is throwing up. Please help me to understand what the problem could be?

Why does my cat vomit after eating? What can I do to make her feel better?

I have a 9 year old cat that has been very ill for several months. She is now starting to eat less and if she eats anything, she vomits an hour or more later. I am going out of town next weekend and need some advice on how to care for her until then because I will not be able to find time in my busy schedule while away from home. How long should it take before any changes are noticed by us/my vet regarding improvement or recurrrence of vomiting problems at home? Does anyone know what could cause this type of problem with vomiting? Is there anything we can try at home that might help her get through the first day without having diarrhea again??? Thank you! Patty McNamara My understanding is that lack of appetite associated with illness often goes hand-in-hand with vomiting, especially when the sick animal feels worse than it truly is (which probably would explain why your cat still seems bloated). This usually resolves itself within 24 hours; however, you may want to consider getting some thyroid supplements into him which would lower his metabolism rate enough so he won’t need as much energy during sickness. Also keep in mind our systems require very special needs during times like these–healing juices are present in abundance (and