Why Is My Kitten Biting My Fingers?

It is not uncommon for kittens to bite their littermates, especially if they are playing. This biting behavior can be very brief and rarely lasts more than a second or two, but it can still cause mild injury. Kittens do this because they don’t know how big the world is yet, so when they encounter another kitten who could hurt them (or vice versa), instinct takes over and causes them to act defensively.

What should I do if my kitten bites me?

If your kitten has bitten you before, he may have learned that this action will bring attention from his mother or litter-siblings. This may make him clingy at first, but eventually he will become less fearful of people after enough positive interactions with them instead of negative ones! If your kitty does bite you again though – even gently – then there are some things that you can try that might help keep her from doing this in the future:

1) Don’t try to force her off by grabbing her tail/ears/head; she needs to learn that all humans aren’t bad people! Instead use gentle petting strokes along her backside as well as other soothing techniques like stroking behind it’s ears or scratching his belly area where he likes being scratched the most — these actions allow your cat time to relax without fear of being picked up against their wishes.

2) When she’s wearing a collar put it on loosely so she knows what kind of toy or object is