Why Is My Kitten Eating Litter?

It is normal for kittens to start pulling litter out of their litter box. Sometimes the big pieces get stuck in their throats and make them choke, so you’ll notice a mess on your floor when this happens. Cats just have no choice but to eat it since they can’t spit it out. If they’re not spitting up the litter after a little while then that’s a good sign that things are going well!

Why is my kitten licking her bum?

This behavior isn’t uncommon with young kittens, but sometimes adult cats will do this as well if they have been stressed or feel insecure in their home environment. Some people find this strange behavior appealing because it makes them look “cute” when doing so, but really its just another way of showing affection without making noise or being too obvious about it! In general though fur-licking between your cat’s back legs should be discouraged unless there seems to be an underlying medical problem causing it (such as fleas). A simple bath usually solves most cases of hairballs behind the tail end of the spine–just check there daily and scratch at any loose hair balls found there with your fingers until she licks her butt clean again!

Why does my kitten suck his paws? Should I worry?

Licking his paws from time to time is completely normal. It is also perfectly safe for him not only because he cannot ingest anything harmful from his paws, but also because he cannot absorb any bacteria waiting inside