Why Is My Kitten Hissing At Me?

A: When a kitten hisses, he is trying to tell you something. He’s probably the most vocal of all cats and wants to make sure you know what he needs.

Q: I have a cat that doesn’t like dogs. She has been attacked by one on several occasions and has injured her rear leg each time she was bitten. I’ve heard that there are some “dog-proof” fences on the market now – any suggestions?

A: This type of fence would definitely prevent your cat from jumping over it as an escape route, but as far as repulsing dogs goes, it depends on how much they want in your yard and where they go when they aren’t looking for food or chasing up little kitties. If their territory is very small (like less than 20 feet), then this type of fence might work well against them if they don’t consider you part of their territory or if your garden is divided into smaller areas with no open pathways between them (this also prevents other animals such as rabbits from getting access). If nothing else works, try putting out fresh catnip around the perimeter of where you live so that animal lovers will be drawn to visit instead!