Why Is My Kitten Meowing So Much?

My kitten has been having his morning routine for the past week. He is normally very quiet and sleeps in my bed until I get up. The first day it was normal, but then he would meow during the night crying because he couldn’t sleep on the other side of the room where I sleep. Or else when i go to sleep he starts screaming at 5 am and won’t stop till i walk him out into my roommate’s room at 6am or later when she gets home from work (she works nights).. Why does this happen? And why do they only seem to be awake after I leave?

Answer: Cats are nocturnal animals which means that they only need a few hours of darkness a day in order to survive.(1) Most cats close their eyes while sleeping approximately 90 minutes each night(2) making them extremely vulnerable to predators if left alone for an extended period of time.(3). As such, our pets should never be allowed outside without supervision throughout any part of their waking hours.(4). If you suspect your cat is being subjected to some sort of abuse, please take immediate action by contacting one of our veterinary advisors who will gladly assist you in protecting your beloved pet from further harm!

What can cause my cat not eat food with Flavour in it?

i have a female orange tabby about 3 months old she used too eat anything with flavour so im trying all sorts now ,so far ive tried chicken , salmon