Why Is My Kitten So Affectionate?

What do you mean by affectionate? Many people simply think of cats as aloof and standoffish. But to understand why your cat climbs into bed with you, it helps to know the differences between the two types of affection: affiliative (the kind that can be observed) and consummatory (the kind that only humans are capable of). Affiliative attachments include licking faces, rubbing faces, grooming each other’s fur or playing together in a way that involves chasing toys through the air like birds fluttering after insects. Consummatory attachments involve nuzzling close for brief periods, being groomed aggressively by one another or spending hours curled up together watching TV. Although most cats have both kinds of behaviour, these are clear cut examples based on observed behaviours. Some cats exhibit more than one type at any given time or even combine them depending on need – so there is no single right answer concerning how much activity should be paired with which level of affection!

Affiliative attachment

Consummatory attachment

Is my kitten too fondledome? How many times does my kitty gotta look at me before I get jealous? And just what do “nibbling” bites actually mean anyway?? These questions might arise if you suspect your cat has become over-attached to you – whether because she was always an overly friendly kitten who took first place in her littermates’ affections or because she got smothered all day long