Why Is My Kitten So Jumpy?

My kitten is very jumpy, especially when I am holding her. She seems to be afraid of me and if she thinks I am going to hurt her she tries to get away. What can I do?

Cat Care Tip: Your kitten’s fear will subside with time, but you should allow him some space whenever he exhibits his jumping behavior. Try not crowd him; make sure your hands are protected by gloves or use a towel instead of your bare hand. If he continues to act this way, contact the veterinarian immediately! Have your vet check for parasites or illnesses that may cause excessive scratching or biting at the same time as they examine her ears and eyes for infection (such as conjunctivitis).

Q: My cat has trouble walking on hard floors because his back legs aren’t strong enough—what causes this problem?

My two-year old Maine coon cat has difficulty walking on hard flooring because his back legs don’t work correctly. He walks unsteadily like someone who needs a cane so we refer to it as “the walk.” When we go out for walks he often falls down after 10–15 feet then gets up without help from us (he doesn’t seem concerned about falling). We’ve taken him to our local pet store where they say our cat must have hip dysplasia since there are no other problems in his body—but the vet says otherwise! The consensus among pet stores is that my cat was born with bad