Why Is My Kitten So Small?

Answer: Kitties grow fast! Or so we think. Cats can go through phases where they seem to stop growing and just stay the same size no matter how much you feed them or try to train them. This is perfectly normal and it’s all due to something called “metabolism” which refers to the body’s ability to burn through energy stores in a given period of time. What happens when your kitten reaches adulthood is that their metabolism levels dramatically slow down and they start putting on weight (which means fat) at a much slower rate than cats who were spayed/neutered early on in life, but continue getting plenty of food and exercise throughout their lives. This leads us back to why your cat may be small for her age…she stopped growing years ago when she was an adult! She has absolutely nothing wrong with her (other than being determined not grow any bigger!) Other reasons this might happen include health issues such as allergies, thyroid problems, urinary tract infections, parasites like fleas or worms; medical conditions such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism; improper dieting techniques or timing; poor litter box habits and more. If your kitten shows signs of growth stunting then contact our veterinary hospital immediately for further evaluation if needed by calling 786-241-7387 during regular business hours Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM EST