Why Is My Kitten So Violent?

My kitten is extraordinarily violent. I just got him, he’s only three months old, and the first time I brought him home he bit my right index finger pretty hard (but not seriously). But now it happens every day. He bites me on the hand whenever we are playing with his toys or when I pet him; sometimes even if he has nothing to play with or eat. And sometimes he also bites me in the legs, which hurts a lot! Sometimes after biting my hands/legs he runs away for like ten minutes but then comes back to bite again; other times, however, it takes much longer until eventually I manage to escape from his grip (although that hardly ever works since most of them end up on top of my body anyway). What should i do?

Never try to grab your cat during an attack in order to stop her teeth from penetrating your skin—it will only make things worse! Instead you must separate her jaws so she cannot bite down any further than they already have done. You can hold one paw while gently pulling at the tip of her nose with another clawed finger so she releases her jaw muscles and opens up wider without injuring herself further. Once this has happened she will be unable to open up any more because their bones are locked together by ligaments running across both sides of their mouths. If you find yourself surrounded by blood-thirsty kittens who seem incapable of making room for themselves let go immediately as this could result in